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Battaglini Winery & Vineyard
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Meet The Battaglini Family

“La famiglia non è una cosa importante. E’ tutto.”

Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.


Giuseppe “Joe” Battaglini

President and CEO

Giuseppe is ultimately in charge of everything. Whatever he says goes.


Lucia Battaglini

President’s Assistant

Lucia is Joe’s right hand woman and also involved in all aspects of the operation. A phenomenal cook, Lucia is also responsible for the delicious meals we serve at our winemaker dinners at the winery.

Oldest Son

Giulio Battaglini

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Giulio manages the sales force, distributors, and brokers. He is responsible for marketing and sales plans, deciding which events to participate in, advertising, etc.

Only Daughter

Lidia Battaglini Balagot

Vice President of Customer Service

Lidia is responsible for customer service, including our out call service and event planning. She plans and oversees all events at winery including shipping and wine club distribution.

Second Son

Paolo Battaglini

Vice President of Finance

Paolo is the “money man” in the company. He does all of the accounting and is responsible for investments, accounts payable, accounts receivable, etc.

Third Son

Dino Battaglini

Vice President of Operations

Dino is responsible for the physical plant. He oversees information technology, the warehouse, inventory control, the tasting room, web site design, maintenance, etc.